Monday, 8 July 2013

The king of Gondal requests devotee Jalaram to ask

The king of Gondal requests devotee Jalaram to ask

Midnight is over. The people of Gondal are enjoying sweet sleep. The bhajans are going on in house of Thakkar Meghji Devani. The Gondal kind hears the sound of bhajans. He is now full of emotions. In the morning he inquires who was the singer? One servant brought news that Virpur's Jalaram Bhagat was singing the bhajans. When the Gondal kind heard this he enquired, "Virpur's Jalaram? One who had seen God? One who had gifted away his wife? Jala Bhagat! I want to see him. Bring him on my palace respectfully." At king's command the servant approached Jalarambapa. They fell at his feet and said, "Bhagat Bapa! The Maharaja Saheb heard your bhajans and was pleased. He remembers you and wants to hear your Bhajans. Bapa! Kindly come to the palace." On hearing bhajans name Jalabapa stood up and went to the palace with the servants. When the king saw Jalabapa coming he stood up and went to receive and salute him, with folded hands. Bapa was seated on cushion. Then the king asked, "Bhagat! You were singing yesterday?" "Yes, Bapu! I was reciting God's name." "Bhagat! The bhajans were excellent, will you please kindly sing Bhajan for us?" "Bapu! What is in that? Both, one who recites and one who hears Lord's name, attain salvation." Jalarambapa sang three-four bhajans. The king was joyful. Gently he said, "Bhagat! I had heard much about you. Today I had your Darshan and heard you. I am greatly obliged. Say, what do you want?' Jalabapa replied, "I am also blessed to have Darshan of you, the Gondal Naresh. A king is said to be a part of God himself. What should I ask for? By Ramji's grace I feed food to the people. Virpur's Thakor gifted land so that Sadavrat may continue. What more is required?" "Bhagat! I shall give you land in Gondal. Ramji's temple will be built. Please live in my kingdom. Jalarambapa folded his hands. "I lived where Ramji ordered. Why should I be greedy? Ramji is everywhere. Please forgive me." All were surprised. The Bhagat was a genuine one. Finally Maharaj saheb said, 
'All were surprised. The Bhagat was a genuine one. Finally Maharaj saheb said, "my village Charakhdi is situated near Virpur. I donate land there. You start Sadavrat there. You are giving dal-rotla in Virpur. Give rice in Charakhdi." Jalabapa couldn't refuse for Sadavrat. Sadavrat of rice started. But after Jalabapa's expiry it shut up.

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