Monday, 8 July 2013

Sant Raghuvardas ji's prophesy about devotee Jalaram

Sant Raghuvardas ji's prophesy about devotee Jalaram

Pradhan Thakkar was a gentleman merchant living in Virpur. His wife's name was Rajbai. Rajbai was highly religious and kind. A son was born to her. He was named Boghabhai. When he was about five years old sant Shri Raghuvardasji and other monks arrived in Virpur on way to pilgrimage of Dwarka. They asked people if dinner could be arranged to them. A man replied, you go to Pradhan Thakkar. He will feed you". They went to Pradhan Thakkar. He and Rajbai heartily welcomed them. She cooked dinner for them in no time and fed them. The saints were thoroughly satisfied. Then Rajbai made Bhoga to bow to tem. The saints blessed her saying, "Mother! All good to you! Another son will be born to you. He will be a great devotee and will salvage your 72 generations. His name will be written in golden letters n history of Bharat". Thus blessing , they left Dwarka. Another son was born to Rajbai after sometime. He was Jalaram . the parents began to bring him up in a decent way. A third son was born to Rajbai after sometime and was named Devji. Once an old saint from Girnar came to Rajbai's place. She welcomed them and offered them dinner. But they wanted to have a look at her second son. Jalaram playfully came there. When he saw the monks, he bowed to them devotedly. The saint placed his hand in his head and asked , " Son ! Recognize me?" Jalaram bowed once more and the saint disappeared. The mother remembered the prediction of Raghuvardas. She looked at Jalaram with love. But thereafter as if, Jalaram had come to know his previous birth. He began to recite ' Sitaram....Ram....Ram incessantly.


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