Monday, 8 July 2013

Jalabapa Jholi and Danda

Jalabapa Jholi and Danda

* without knowing inner voice of the soul, our birth is incomplete and this can be felt. If we chant the name of the God and turn our vision, we will have certain targets, which will make us become pure and free from sins. By doing this only, a person attains the highest God's salvation. This happened in Jala Bapa's life. God, himself appeared in the form of a saint and begged for Virbai from Jala Bapa in form of alms. He asked for the most unusual thing and Virbai was given to the saint by Jala Bapa, to carry out the daily chores. By offering this, the saint in return gave Virbai "Jholi" and "Danda", which is even present as of today. This once again concludes that any prayer or deeds done with whole-heartedness is always beneficial. So let us join Bapa and achieve this also, at earliest opportunity.


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