Monday, 8 July 2013

Jalabapa Fame

At the age of 21 Jala Bapa had become famous and had lots of responsibilities. With these responsibilities, there is always a lot of worries and tension, but Bapa had left all this at God's disposal for guidance. Once upon a time, in the village, there lived a tailor by the name of Harji. Harji had some stomach aches for which he had various ailments which were futile. Upon other villager's suggestions, they requested Harji to vow in the name of Jala Bapa, that should his health improve, he would donate food. To his surprise his sickness disappeared within eight days. He fulfilled his wish and Jala Bapa's fame had grown further, but Bapa had never taken that to be his wonderful work. But in turn, he said, it was just ordinary work and that he was just trying to help the needy. This reflects a true picture of a Saint.


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