Monday, 8 July 2013

Public Service by Jalaram bapa

Public Service by  Jalaram bapa

Jalaram began to take care of the shop. Jalaram used to give away shop items to poor, sadhus and saints as demanded by them. In market, there were two rows of shops. A neighbour bania shopkeeper did not like this at all. Once merchants had opened their shops in the morning and were cleaning them. Just then a group of 10-12 monks entered the village and began to ask for things in the market. But none paid attention. But a merchant told the sadhus , " Maharaj ! at the end is Jalaram's shop. You all go there. The devotee will fulfill your wishes." The sadhus were well pleased and came to Jalaram's shop. Jalaram also was cleaning the shop but stopped when he saw the monks. He folded his hands and uttered, " Jai Siyaram, Welcome ! Where do you come from? What can I do for you ?" The sadhus were pleased to hear this. An old monk replied, "Shethji , we are coming from Mathura and going to Girnar. Please be kind enough to arrange food for us." Jalaram said, " Maharaj ! This servant will make arrangements according to your desire." The sadhus cried, " Ramji ki jai" and went for bath. The old monk remained with Jalaram and got needed floor ,dal , gur and other necessities. The monk had no vessel for ghee. So Jalaram brought a five pound capacity pot from the shop and filled it with ghee. He also gave ten yards of cloths. The sadhus were over joyed. They tried all things but could not. So Jalaram shut the shop, lifted goods and went with them.

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