Monday, 8 July 2013

Jalabapa's true devotion and streams devotional so

Jalaarmbapa's true devotion and streams devotional so

Jalarambapa's devotion started to spread everywhere like scent. People called him Bhakta Jalabapa, Bhagat Jalabapa etc. he used to get up early in the morning, bathed and with a mala remembered the Almighty and prayed to him. Now many were coming to help him. So he did not go to the kitchen. Men, women and Virbai managed the kitchen. Jalarambapa welcomed the guest, feed them and arranged for their rest. Whenever free he recited name of Ram. After supper all of them sang devotional songs. Often in morning also. Sometimes other village folks invited Jalarambapa. He went there with groups of inmates to sing bhajans through out the night. When people heard that Jalarambapa was coming, devotees, and other men came there from all around. So the host often were in trouble. If they had prepared food for 25 only, hundred or hundred fifty would gather. Jalaram would sense the difficulty and go to the kitchen and lit a lamp of ghee, cover the food with a cloth, place a tulsi leaf in God's name therein. He would place a little food on tulsi leaf in a plate and pray to god. Then he would tell the hosts to recite Ramji's name and start serving food. And by god's grace, from food for 10, 20 or 25, hundred two hundred or even five hundred would eat, leaving surplus food. The lord of food was kind to Jalarambapa. At that time Namdar Thakor saheb shri Mulji the second was enthroned in Virpur. He too heard about Jalarambapa's sadavrat. He also used to send food grains to the sadavrat. Often with family he came to hear Bapa's bhajans and inquired if something was needed.


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