Monday, 8 July 2013

Jalabapa does grinding work

Jalabapa does grinding work

In Rajkot, there were two sisters by the name Ranbai and Rulbai, who used to carry out the noble work of serving the saints. This noble work by the sisters had come to the knowledge of Bapa, who decided to pay a visit to these two sisters. At the same time, "Lala Bhagat", from Saila town had also come. Both were welcomed by the sisters and all of them chanted religious songs (Bhajans). In the morning both sisters took the cows to the fields to graze and had intended to come back early, in order to grind the cereals. Bapa realised this and in turn decided that he would assist the two sisters in grinding the cereals, since both would be tired after the day's hard work. Jala Bapa-chanting God's name completed the grinding work and when the sisters returned and noticed this, they fell at Bapa's feet, saying that only a highly respected saint can do this work, without any pride. This shows that for a saint, any work can be done without any financial gains in the mind.


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