Monday, 8 July 2013

A chappati is 15.25 ft in diametre 250kg in weight

A chappati is 15.25 ft in diametre 250kg in weight

Secunderabad: In a novel tribute, disciples baked a mammoth bread to remember a guru known for his selfless efforts to feed the poor. Jalaram Bapa of western Gujarat had run a feeding centre where the needy could have a meal at any time of the day. His followers revere him as a saint, and his photographs adorn the houses of people belonging to Lohana community. Jalaram's followers under the banner of Jalaram Seva Samiti made a chapatti measuring 15 feet in diametre and weighing 250 kilograms to mark his birth anniversary. "We have created a record by making a Bajra (Millet) roti (bread) of 15.25 feet in diametre and weighing about 250 kilograms," said Asmukh Dowda, organiser. Dowda said that they would inform the Guinness Book of World Records about the chapatti, which took 12 people to make using a special pan, and 12 cooking gas burners. The chapatti was served to hundreds of devotees, who were in Secunderabad to attend the birth anniversary of Jalaram. -Nov 19, 2005.


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